the new objective

Joseph Sannicandro

w/ Stefan Christoff

w/ Anarchist Mountains Trio



(Selected) Performances, Installations, etc

  • Scene Points – handed out “-1”, “+1”, and “scene points” pins to strangers at shows (2003)
  • Rhys Chatham’s Crimson Grail (Outdoor Version) – for 200 guitar and 16 bass orchestra at Lincoln Center’s Damrosch Park (2008)
  • On-Air – participatory installation during an open house party intended to use an artificial mode of social relation (the interview) to loosen up party-goers to move beyond small talk, Montreal (2012)
  • Expérimentation Télématique – performed as part of a telematic ensemble performance arranged by Esther B (Montreal) and Christopher Haworth (Calgary), at Eastern Bloc gallery, Montreal (2013)
  • “1984” in Centennial Artistamps: G.A. Cavellini 1914-2014, E.O.N. Post (2014)
  • “I dreamt I was dreaming and I came home too late” included in the Helicotrema festival (Italy), curated by Nicola Di Croce (2016)
  • Breaking the Wall (Parete 2017)  – sound performance/installation, Montreal (2014-2017)
  • “Immaculate,” performance at Fountain Street Gallery, Boston, MA (8 December 2018)
  •  “il rumore della spiaggia,” included in  Disquiet playlist for «Rauschlabor Schützenmatte », Musikfestival Bern (September 2019)
  • Alea Iacta Est – two-channel listening station, The Engine Room:International Sound Art Exhibition 2019 at Iklectik Art Lab, London (5 – 24 October 2019)
  • [group exhibitions in Italy and Greece postponed due to Covid (2020)]
  • “Conspiracy Means Breathing Together,” MediSouP Concert 2: Healing. Listening to a Brave New World, Videoworks Screenings | Istanbul Cinema Museum (Atlas), Istanbul (TR) & TRT Centro Negra / AADK SP, Blanca / Murcia (ES) (20-21 April 2022)
  • Stefan Christoff & Joseph Sannicandro: Videoworks. Suoni per il Popolo festival, Montreal (27 June 2022)
  • Sonic Topographies, Liminaria workshop and public presentation, Colle Sannita (BN) (24-26 June 2022)
  • l’acqua è vita. l’acqua è morte. audio soundwalk, SUBSTANTIAE MOTUS: Liminaria / Interferenze, San Martino Valle Caudina (AV) (25-30 July 2022)


  • Liminaria, Colle Sannita (BN), Italy (24-26 June 2022)
  • Liminaria / Interferenze, San Martino Valle Caudina (AV), Italy (26 June – 3 July 2022)

Misc. Other Projects