the new objective

Joseph Sannicandro

w/ Stefan Christoff

w/ Anarchist Mountains Trio



  • The Suspects – curated CD, Stolen Chair Records (2001)
  • Con fuoco d’occhi un nostalgico lupo – curated double compilation of contemporary Italian instrumental music, THE SILENT BALLET (2010)
  • Todtnauberg – Curated drone compilation, A CLOSER LISTEN (2013)
  • Screening of Jayne Amara Ross’ films The Freemartin Calf and As True As Troilus (2011), and listening party for Jayne Amara Ross and Frédéric D. Oberland’s “For Valuska,” at La Plante, Montreal (12 January 2014)
  • Lost Children Net Label (LCNL) mix series   – 100 mixes created by invited artists, labels, journalists, and listeners (2011-2018)

(Selected) Performances, Installations, etc

  • Scene Points – handed out “-1”, “+1”, and “scene points” pins to strangers at shows (2003)
  • Rhys Chatham’s Crimson Grail (Outdoor Version) – for 200 guitar and 16 bass orchestra at Lincoln Center’s Damrosch Park (2008)
  • On-Air – participatory installation during an open house party intended to use an artificial mode of social relation (the interview) to loosen up party-goers to move beyond small talk, Montreal (2012)
  • Expérimentation Télématique – performed as part of a telematic ensemble performance arranged by Esther B (Montreal) and Christopher Haworth (Calgary), at Eastern Bloc gallery, Montreal (2013)
  • “1984” in Centennial Artistamps: G.A. Cavellini 1914-2014, E.O.N. Post (2014)
  • “I dreamt I was dreaming and I came home too late” included in the Helicotrema festival (Italy), curated by Nicola Di Croce (2016)
  • Breaking the Wall (Parete 2017)  – sound performance/installation, Montreal (2014-2017)
  • “Immaculate,” performance at Fountain Street Gallery, Boston, MA (8 December 2018)
  •  “il rumore della spiaggia,” included in  Disquiet playlist for «Rauschlabor Schützenmatte », Musikfestival Bern (September 2019)
  • Alea Iacta Est – two-channel listening station, The Engine Room:International Sound Art Exhibition 2019 at Iklectik Art Lab, London (5 – 24 October 2019)
  • [group exhibitions in Italy and Greece postponed due to Covid (2020)]
  • Contribution to Eliza Lauren’s The Sound of Home: sounds and stories from lockdown (video) (individual sounds) (2021)
  • “Music for Insurrection” – live performance and talk, Echoes of a Distance, Music, Protest and Community in Confined Times, with Dont Rhine/Ultra-red, The International Institute for Critical Studies in Improvisation (IICSI), McGill University (19-20 November 2021)
  • “Conspiracy Means Breathing Together,” MediSouP Concert 2: Healing. Listening to a Brave New World, Videoworks Screenings | Istanbul Cinema Museum (Atlas), Istanbul (TR) & TRT Centro Negra / AADK SP, Blanca / Murcia (ES) (20-21 April 2022)
  • Stefan Christoff & Joseph Sannicandro: Videoworks. Suoni per il Popolo festival, Montreal (27 June 2022)
  • Sonic Topographies, Liminaria workshop and public presentation, Colle Sannita (BN) (24-26 June 2022)
  • Dopo il diluvio [soundwalk], SUBSTANTIAE MOTUS: Liminaria / Interferenze, San Martino Valle Caudina (AV) (25-30 July 2022)
  • But Who, We? – film screening, La Lumiere Collective, Montreal (24 March 2023)
  • Interzona 2003 > 2023, Museo del Sannio (Benevento), San Martino Valle Caudina (AV) (15 April 2023)
  • Halcyon – film screening, Howland Cultural Center, Beacon, NY (13 May 2023)


  • Liminaria, Colle Sannita (BN), Italy (24-26 June 2022)
  • Liminaria / Interferenze, San Martino Valle Caudina (AV), Italy (26 June – 3 July 2022)

Misc. Other Projects

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