Bogart’s Select Hip Hop Instrumentals

My boy Gabe Bogart selected some tops instrumentals and I mixed them together.

Selected by Gabriel Bogart
Dubbed by the new objective

A while back I started asking Gabe for suggestions on hip hop producers, and quickly invited him to put together a mix on this theme.  He sent me this HUGE four hour playlist, so I decided to run through it and break it into two different sessions.  I improvised this mix based on his playlist, and padded it a bit and probably roughed up the corners a bit to make it fit but I think it has a pretty consistent mood and flow.  Late night and hazy.  Part Two next week.  Enjoy. (JS)

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Selected by Gabriel Bogart

I have been listening to HipHop for 30-plus years. When I first heard the beat, the hypnotic loops, and the then-odd-sounding scratch noises I fell instantly in love. HipHop sounded like my music. It is a form that will forever be tied to my life, even if I am simultaneously highly critical of it.

As a bar tender, I am often privileged to play my own taste in tunes for the alcohol-consuming public to enjoy, or not. On busy nights, it can be hard to keep up DJ duties while staying on top of serving drinks and kicking out unruly drunks, let alone keeping myself flush with clean glassware. So, in light of this, and instead of frequently fumbling with my iPod to play something to stem the tide of musical silence, which can only be drowned out by the din of drunken throngs availing each other with news of their most recent Facebook posts, I created this playlist. It is long. Maybe even prohibitively so, but it serves an important function. That function is to keep the music going in the background, without interruption. A good string of beats can really set the mood for a late Friday night crowd, but it also keeps the bar tender happy, head bobbing to the rhythm. When I’m not at work, this playlist is great to have on when cleaning the apartment or writing. In particular, I structured this playlist around my current favorite beatmaker, Knxwledge. I tried to stick to that aesthetic, but occasionally strayed outside the lines.

Without patting myself too hard on the back, I will say that many a customer has come up to ask me what I’m playing during the length of this set. It always makes me happy to turn new people on to new tunes and this set is prefect for that. (Gabriel Bogart)

[Check out more of Knx’s productions on the great hazy Leaving Records, and look out for a new record on the legendary Stones Throw. JS]

Dubbed by the new objective

Basically, there was no way I could find the time to live mix the entire thing (at over 4 hours)  so I broke it into two sets, and I decided to try to give the halves slightly different identities. The first half was improvised, without any trial runs and without being very familiar with most of the tracks.  I followed the track order suggested by Gabe, with a few exceptions.  I recorded live to stereo, run through my mixing board and some outboard effects.  Part II features a bunch of today’s most interesting beat makers (like Knxwledge, Chanes, and Dak), but it also had tracks from the legends of hip hip production: RZA, DJ Premier, and J Dilla.  Arguably the three best hip hop producers.  So I approached this one with a bit more of a plan, including how to work in the tracks I left out of the last mix or tracks from this half I already snuck in part 1 aka ring mod (Bimos, the end of “Crimonology,” and part of “Fallin’”). There’s a variety of styles at work, representing styles from NY, LA, and Detroit, and between.  Even the most straight ahead beats take chances that other genres of popular music can’t fathom.  I love the interplay of loops, the human time-feel of beats being played on an MPC.  Inspired by this, I tried to make it all flow.  It’s live, so sometimes my transitions aren’t perfect, sometimes the interludes might drag on a bit, but I took some chances and I think it captures the moment pretty well.  Enjoy. (Joseph Sannicandro)

TRACKLIST – Part I aka Ring Mod

Fred Hampton
Knxwledge – theothr.knwxusp [TWRK] (edit)
Samiyam – Lunch Meat
Paul White – Wait For Me
Onra – Open the Door
Onra and Quetzal – In My Place
Lukid – Veto
Knxwldge – 1stkameout[SqwrHill}/Knxwhere
J-Zone – Spoiled Rotten (Instrumentals)
Raekwon – Criminology
Samiyam – Rice Crackers
Teebs – Wind Loop (objective  version)
CASTLE – Then You Can Breathe/I Can See The Range/Memory Bank
Chanes – MemoryhouseScenery
Dak – Lookup
Dday One -Dying Heart
40:00- 41-55
the new objective – die heart again
DJ Premier – Track 5
Knxwldge –
Chanes – a pretty kettle of fish
Castle – Cain’t evaluate   49:38ish
Raekwon – Ice Cream   ends:54:45
40 Winks – For the Traveler
3:33 (Parallel Thought) – 333N5 (version)
thenewobjective interlude00Genesis – Button Mashing / Early Bird
Teebs – While You Dooooo (extended)
Ssaliva – Moonblood
Stephen Farris – Together
Samiyam – On a Bad Day
Pixelord – Kiss Your TV
Paul White – Hustle
Opus – The Fallen (screwed)
Mr. Cooper – 04 part 04
Lukid -Onandon
~ 1:33:00
Kone – In the Wind
Knxwledge -NoMoreAps / Poak / Build my Word Around Jew
1:48:00 – I have built outro

TRACKLIST – Part II – Blue Phase

the new objective – INTRO (Amiri Baraka/SLAP (flipped)
Indelible MCs/BMS – Weight (instrumental) / Mucho Stereo (instrumental)
Ghislain Poirier – (lose to refuse edit)/ Refuse to Lose
Force of Nature – Silver Children
El-P – The F-Word
Dr. Octagon Remake Instrumental
Dr Who Dat? – B-boy Portrait in Spain
Knx. Rant/n
Knxwledge – On Blast / MndRt
Dday One – Mouth 2 Mouth (double time mix)
Company Flow – Simian D AKA Feeling ignorant (inst)
Chanes- presnts
Comfort fit – cable vamp
Dak – Rosa Parks
Bimos- Straight Out the Jungle
Raekwon – Crimonology (second half)/Wu Gambinos
Samiyam – Roadrage
Strong Arm Steady – Cheeba Cheeba
Knxwledge – SeeinkRowt/AnotherPoff/Fallin(edits)
Jaylib – Champion Sound (instrumental)/ Raw Shit
DJ Premier – Track 5/Track 10
Chanes – flowers of evil
the new objective -INTERLUDE (Dilla Flip)
Abdul Allim – Bug/Gamble/On his own/ any day now / how insensitive/wreck(Pitch)
El-P – Tuned mass damper/east river float (edit)
Ghislain Poirier – Civil Disobedience
J-Zone – Eatadiccup (instrumental)
Knxledge – felt_
Gnarls Barkley – who’s gonna save my soul (extended)
the new objective – OUTRO ( Amiri Baraka/Why Is We)


ring mod mix

blue phase mix









Ring Mod and Blue Phase collages by the new objective.

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