A new podcast bearing the name Sound Propositions began in February 2019.

Sound Propositions the podcast has the same mission statement as the written Sound Propositions features: to share in depth discussions with artists whose work we love, to delve into the details of their creative practice.

After 100 mixes as part of the Lost Children net label, I decided it was time to switch things up, and while this new series maintains something of the feeling of a mix, it is also something entirely different, as each episodes foregrounds the voice of the subject.

But this isn’t the kind of series where two people sit in front of some microphones chatting, either.  I’ve tried to mostly downplay my own voice and let my presence be felt instead in the framing, the editing, and the sound design.

I’ve been a big fan of radio, radio art, and podcasts for a long time, and while I’ve produced segments for community radio before, I decided it was time to try to do something on a more regular schedule, something that would allow me to explore sound itself rather than simply write about it. Since writing my dissertation has occupied so much of my time of late, working with sound in this way seemed to be a good diversion.  Sound Propositions the written feature will continue at whatever pace I can manage, but Sound Propositions the podcast should be up with a new episode fortnightly.

Sound Propositions should be available wherever you get your podcasts, so please keep an eye out and subscribe (and rate and review, it helps others who might be interested find us).  New episodes will be published every two weeks. Please follow the show on iTunes, Sticher, RadioPublic, RSSradio, or wherever you get your podcasts.

SP on Anchor


The inaugural episode of our new podcast, Sound Propositions, features interviews (with Resina and Lea Bertucci) and field-recordings recorded during the 2018 UNSOUND festival in Krakow, Poland. (You can read my review of the festival here.) The theme of this year’s festival was “Presence,” and so that became the point of departure for my interviews, particularly the ways in which absences can also be felt as a “presence.”
Read more, including a tracklist and additional photos, at A CLOSER LISTEN.



This episode features saxophonist and composer Phillip Johnston, known for his work with genre-bending jazz ensemble The Microscopic Septet, the Beefheart tribute Fast ‘N Bulbous, and as the composer of silent film scores. Johnston moved to Australia over a decade ago, but NYC still feels like his home turf. We were both back in town last November for Thanksgiving, and we met to discuss memory, music, media, the (not-so-silent) history of silent film, and his long-association with the various music scenes of NYC.


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