Stefan Christoff and I have just released a new tape called Temps de Travail, Syncopé, the culmination of several live performances and radio presentations exploring the idea of our age of work and the rhythms of daily life structured around bartering our labor. If our first collaboration, les rumeurs de la montagne rouge en chœur, convergent, was an explicitly political reflection on the Quebec strike of 2012, the politics of this tape is much more implicit, much more about the everyday social experience of selling our labor-power.  It juxtaposes the rhythms of commuting (by foot, bike, bus, train), the rhythms of the mechanical production (recordings made in a print shop in New Jersey where my father worked for decades), the silences of the overnight shift and the voices of those who live their lives just out of sync with the traditional 9-5.

released November 19, 2018 on MOON VILLAIN

Stefan Christoff : Acoustic Guitar, Piano
Joseph Sannicandro : Electronics, Synth, Ebow, Loops, Melodica, Production

Recorded in Montreal, QC January 2016
Mixed by Joseph Sannicandro
Mastered by John Perotti
Art and design by Scott Davison

more from Stefan Christoff & Joseph Sannicandro:

[all piano recordings on this release are from an old piano (early 1900s), with a cracked bass board, that was at Stefan’s apartment in Parc Ex. district in Montreal.]

Recorded in two sessions in Stefan’s apartment, Montreal, January 2016
Edited by Joseph in Minneapolis, September 2016
Additional overdubs, Minneapolis, August 2017
Final mix, Montreal, July 2018

A1 – les travaux
A2 – cyclic frost
A3 – winter walks (pt i)
A4 – et les jours
A5 – SAD Lamp
A6 – Icy Interlude
A7 – temps du travail, syncopé (pt i)
B1 – temps du travail, syncopé (pt ii)
B2 – clock out


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