TODTNAUBERG: a closer listen compilation v. 1


After much delay, we are pleased to announce the release of A CLOSER LISTEN’s debut compilation, TODTNAUBERG. (If you are wondering, the title does indeed come from the poem by Paul Celan.) Volume 2 should be out in the spring, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Thank you to all the artists and labels, and thanks to all of you out there listening. Enjoy!

You can also download the compilation for free from


The Holocene – Deposition: A1
Cinchel – This Is Guitar Music (Pt. 1)
ioflow – Ice Is Given
Otto Rollo – Closure
Sparkle in Grey – Of Swift Flight (Lost Children version)
Rikidozan – Sunday Harbor
Giulio Aldinucci – Sphere 1
Linear Bells – Dry Field
Enrico Coniglio & Stefano Guzzetti – Rainy Route (pt. 2)
Transsonica – Generative 20
How Much Wood…? – For Nobody
Bengalfuel – Sulfur
The Three Pipes – Live at Casa del Popolo, Montreal (part 1)

Compiled by Zachary Corsa and Joseph Sannicandro in 2012 and 2013

Photo: Zachary Corsa
Layout: Joseph Sannicandro

Lost Children Net Label
Tapes/CD-Rs of this release available on demand


The Holocene
PJ Hamlin
London, UK

Jason Shanley
Chicago, USA

Josh Saddler
Southern California, USA

Otto Rollo
David Seeber
Chicago, USA

Sparkle in Grey
Matteo Uggeri, Cristiano Lupo, Alberto Carozzi, Franz Krostopovic
Milan, Italy


Giulio Aldinucci
Siena, Italy

Linear Bells
David Teboul
Nantes, France

Enrico Coniglio & Stefano Guzzetti
Venice & Sardinia, Ital

Madrid, Spain

How Much Wood Would a Woodchuck Chuck if a Woodchuck Could Chuck Wood
Gher, Coccolo and Iside
Torino, Italy

Lou DiBenedetto, Joe LiTrenta
New Jersey, USA

The Three Pipes
Charity Chan, Noah Phillips, Jordan Glenn
Montreal, QC / Los Angeles & Oakland, Californi

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    […] Corsa and I finally released our compilation TODTNAUBERG to the world. ACL Vol 2 will be out this year. Download for pay what you want or order a tape/CD-R […]

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