<<Jorge’s guide to DF>> is a companion to <<a sea without a port>>
Released on the Italian label Galaverna December 21, 2015
listen / read more:

<<a sea without a port>> utilized recordings made around Mexico City (especially in the colonias and delegaciones of Roma, Condesa, Zona Rosa, Centro, Tepito, San Miguel Chapultepec, Benito Juárez, Coyoacán, Xochimilco, as well as Tenochtitlan, the Airport, and many other places). The result is an impressionistic and psychogeographic rendering of my personal experience of the city.

<<Jorge’s guide to DF>> consists of an unedited duplication of a tape collage made while exploring DF in July of 2013. Those first days while walking around getting to know the city I carried a cheap portable tape player with a built in record function. I would occasionally turn the tape player on to capture interesting sounds or events, and then hit stop. A dog barking, some musicians, a bar, listening to the highway, eating lunch in the parque, riding the metro. I did this until both side were full. The results are completely arbitrary and flee flowing but just like drifting through the city, in retrospect a narrative form emerges. Some of these recordings appear on <<a sea without a port>> but most do not. And the context is completely changed by the unedited and untreated nature of the recordings. Nonetheless the two works are intimately related.

Gracias: Ana Lucia Soto, Sergio Su, Marco de la Torre, Daniel Castrejón and Umor Rex, Jorge Amigo, Héctor Ortiz and his whole family, Myrdal SoundLAB, Cam and Alex and their whole crew, Grant Cogswell at Under The Volcano Books, Julian Bonequi, Audition Records, and everyone else who helped us out and showed us around or gave us advice. And to Roberto Bolaño, Juan Villoro, Leon Trotsky, Frida Kahlo, Francis Alÿs, Alejandro González Iñárritu, Octavio Paz, Rufino Tamayo and all the artists and writers who introduced me to DF long before I physically set foot there.

And special thanks to Enrico Coniglio and Leandro Pisano
released December 26, 2016

receive a copy of this tape in a hand-stamped recycled cardboard o-ring with collage insert for a donation of the following or higher:

$6 USA
$8 Canada
$12 World

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  1. Joseph Sannicandro – “I always love seeing how other people think to organize their books and records, it is a kind of microcosm of how someone’s mind works” – Concrete Shelves Avatar

    […] ( https://soundpropositions.com/2015/12/24/a-sea-without-a-port/) and Jorge’s guide to DF (https://soundpropositions.com/2016/12/26/jorges-guide-to-df/) using field-recordings I made there and dedicating one side of the latter tape to the victims. I […]

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