“e ingenuo sforzo di rifare la vita” (a mix for S K Y A P N E A on NTS)


“e ingenuo sforzo di rifare la vita”
a mix for s k y a p n e a on NTS
– by joseph sannicandro (a closer listen / lost children)
LISTEN (guest mix begins at 00:56:00)

In addition to a show on NTS radio, S K Y A P N E A is a record label run by Giovanni Civitenga, whose duo RAINTEXT (with Giuseppe Ielasi) is a must-listen. I heartily endorse both the show and the label, please do check them out.

Giovanni had invited me to contribute a guest mix to the show, and I’ve had a few mix concepts floating around that I wrestled with.  I decided that, since Giovanni is an Italian ex-pat living in Berlin, and since I was myself staying in Italy this summer, to produce a mix exclusively of Italian artists, as a sort of follow-up to the double compilation I produced for Lost Children in 2010,  con fuoco d’occhi un nostalgico lupo. I had so much fun doing this that I already have to more installments ready to roll.  Many of these tracks were released in the years since I compiled those records, punctuated by classic Italian minimal/avant-garde/improvised music from the ’60s to the present, as well as some scattered field-recordings I made this summer while in Milano [in the park] and Pisciotta (SA) [by the sea, in the olive trees] in June and July 2017. The mix was conceived of while staying in Napoli and Pisciotta (SA), arranged on the train from Pescara to Bologna, final edits made in Muggia (Trieste), July 2017.



Arturo Stalteri – “passi sulle dune racconti brevi” (…e il pavone parlo’ alla luna, Lynx, 1987)
Bellows – “Untitled (09”) (Rustl, Boomkat, 2015)
Lino Capra Vaccina – “Frammenti Di Sonno” (Antico Adagio, Die Schachtel, 1978/2014)
Alberto Boccardi – “…And You Will Ask Me Some Water” – (fingers, Cassauna, Cat Sun, 2014)
Mario Bertoncini – “Fuochi (introduzione)” – (Arpe Eolie, Die Schachtel, 2007)
Nicola di Croce – “Irsina” – (Fieldnotes, Oak Editions, 2014)
Franco Battiato – “Da Oriente A Occidente” – (Feed Back – Sulle Corde Di Aries, Bla Bla, 1976)
Valerio Tricoli – “Error” (Miseri Lares, Pan, 2014)
Piero Umiliani – “Vastita” – (Atmospheres, Omicron, 1975)
Giulio Aldinucci – “sole” – (Tarsia,  Nomadic Kids Republic,  2012)
Giacinto Scelsi – “Natura renovatur (edit)” (Natura Renovatur, ECM, 1967)
Francesco Gregoretti – “Circling Menace” (Solid Layers, Deafening Shapes, Toxo, 2016)
Franca Sacchi – “Arpa Eolia (1970)” – (En, Die Schachtel, 2004)
Franz Rosati – “Transition Metal (Slow Light)” (Black Body Radiation, Manyfeetunder / Concrete,  2015)
Gruppo Di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza – “Cronometro” – (Niente, OMNI, 2012 )
Inventing Masks – “ 4’18” ” (Inventing Masks, Error Broadcast, 2016)
MonoLogue – “B1” – (The Sea From The Trees, Chemical Tapes, 2014)
Sparkle in Grey – “Idiot Savant Pt. 4” (Perversions Of The Aging Savant (split with Controlled Bleeding), Off/Old Bicycle 2015)
Sec_, “Outflow” – (Outflow, DEN/Heart&Crossbones, 2013)
Roberto Donnini – “Tuneless II” (Tunedless, Lynx, 1980)
Valerio Cosi – “Study for Saxophone and Electronics (Dedicated to Roberto Donnini) [edit]” (Heavy Electronic Pacific Loop, Digitalis Recordings, 2008)
Alessandro Brivio – “lagodelnulla” (6pezzi2009+lagodelnulla, senufo, 2010)
Heroin in Tahiti – “VII” (Remoria, Soave, 2017)
Barnacles – “I hate a barnacle” (One Single Sound, Boring Machines, 2017)




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