as the sun sets in the west

improvised live in minneapolis, mn on 24 april 2017
all piano samples recorded live in harrison, ny 12 june 2016

there is more to say about this, but for now this was something i needed to make today and so i am sharing it.

loss, natality, death, life, sickness, murder, hope, creation

[Updated, April 2019]

As The Sun Sets In The West is now available as a limited edition cassette (and digital release) courtesy of our friends at KMAN 92.5 in LA.  (AVAILABLE HERE)

KMAN 92.5 is pleased to offer you KM008: “As The Sun Sets In The West,” by the new objective, aka Joseph Sannicandro, deep listener and reviewer of crucial under-the-radar ambient experimentalism over at @acloserlisten , musician, scholar and world traveller.

Two long-form pieces of piano and effects processing, “As The Sun Sets” is, to this listener, a meditation on, well, space and time, of course. General, ontological I know, but this work couldn’t be more specific in its focus on places (the room in which the piano was recorded and the virtual spaces conjured in production, as well as the memory coves of childhood and the empathetic ties to monuments of tragedy and renewed hope, i.e. The Pulse nightclub) and memories. These carefully sculpted sounds which tap against the coast without relent remind me of moments in the music of Grouper, Philip Jeck or William Basinski in their simplicity, materiality and insistence. Very proud to help make these responses to personal and collective loss, transmuted into the momentary joy of tribute, available in physical form. Edition of 30.

Side A dedicated to Ryan West (1984-2017)
Side B dedicated to the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting

released March 17, 2019

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