I spent 23 June – 3 July 2022 in rural southern Italy as artist-in-residence as part of the Liminaria / Interferenze festivals. This page collects the works produced during those residencies.

dopo il diluvio is a binaural soundwalk made for headphones, following a specific route through the town of San Martino Valle Caudina (AV).

This soundwalk begins in the Spazio Scenico Luisa Conte behind the Pro Loco building, and culminates at the medieval Castello Pignatelli, passing through various points of interest in between, both historically significant as well as of interest to the future of water in the area. It is a work about what is public and what is private, and about what happens when that which is most public (water) reasserts itself as common.

dopo il diluvio was made with local audiences in mind, both during the festival and afterwards. That said, I hope this work, perhaps, may be of some interest to listeners elsewhere as well.

Free downloads of the work are available at the links below.

A bilingual version and a vocal-less version are available in the linked google drive folder, which may be of most interest to those unable to conduct the walk in situ.

A Bandcamp page has been made available for the 2022 edition of Liminaria / Interferenze festivals. There, the walk is divided into 4 parts, and is available in English and Italian.

Headphone Listening Recommended.

Soundwalk Instructions: bit.ly/DopoilDiluvio-info

Map: bit.ly/LiminariaSoundwalkMap


Bilingual Version:bit.ly/DopoIlDiluvio-En-It

Soundscape Version (no vocals): bit.ly/DopoIlDiluvioSoundscape

Folder with all versions: bit.ly/DopoilDiluvio-all-files

Ritmi Rurali (suonano ancora) is a 15′ sound collage comprised of ambient soundscapes and interviews recorded in Colle Sannita (BN).

My paternal grandfather’s mother grew up in Colle, and her family had deep roots in the area. Knowing this, Leandro Pisano organized a workshop and talk for me in Colle prior to my residency in San Martino. I conducted a multi-day workshop, mostly leading soundwalks with young students. I also interviewed townsfolk of all ages, and made all kinds of recordings of the town based on those conversations.

As part of the return of Liminaria, I made a public presentation to town, giving a brief overview of sound studies and my artistic methodology, before presenting a live soundscape composition based on the recordings and interviews I’d conducted during my workshop.

The resulting work is Ritmi Rurali (suonano ancora). I set the length of the piece to 15 minutes, which is also the interval at which the church bells in the campanile ring (day or night). I was a bit surprised how habituated the Collese are to the incessant chiming. We grow numb to background noise and even if we hear, we often fail to listen. Thus I lean heavily into the sound of those bells in this piece, both rhythmically and in terms of timbre.


Special thanks to Leandro Pisano, Giovanni Tondino Colarusso, and Laura Marcoccia.

Thanks also to the work of Matteo Renato Imbriani, Dante, Giuseppe Ungaretti, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and the Gospel of James.

Radia Show 924 | Ritmi rurali Joseph Sannicandro for Radio Papesse

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