Over the last few months I’ve published a number of pieces for Cult Mtl, a website and print paper that replace Montreal’s beloved free alt weekly the Mirror after it was rather unceremoniously shut down by parent company Quebecor (Quebec’s very own disgusting media giant).

You can read Quebec’s Other Other Monumental Music Fest and Visual Speed in Dromos at these links.

Aside from a record review, the other pieces are interviews I did for Suoni per il Popolo.  It was a great exercise for me to have to get these under 1000 words.  If you’re reading this than you know how hard it was.  So, here are those articles in their published form, but expect the longer “director’s cut” edition to be published here shortly.

Meet The Lo-fi Hi-end sounds of Africa

John Butcher Keeps Jazz Dangerous

What Montreal Can Learn from Cairo

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