The following 4 songs suggest something of a genealogy.   Though each track has different structures and keys and changes (or lack there-of) the connection between the tracks is pretty obvious.  The first single off Mogwai‘s latest LP clearly references the melody beginning in David Bowie‘s “Warszawa.”  Beginning at 1:17, the key changes and the melody (if not the harmony) sounds too similar to be a coincidence.  Low is a common reference point for many musicians, as it’s B-side introduced British listeners to instrumental synthesizer music.  Produced by Brian Eno,  the first of the “Berlin Trilogy,” of which Eno actually was only involved with two, Low and Heroes, the influence of German krautrock and kosmische music is clear.  Eno would go on to record albums with Cluster (as Cluster & Eno, as well as Roedelius Mobius Eno) as well as Harmonia (the members of Cluster plus Neu!’s Michael Rother.) A Young Ian Curtis would hear Warszawa and be influenced by it’s dark soundscape, naming the track “Warsaw” after it.

Mogwai – “Rano Pano”
Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will
Sub Pop, 2011

Joy Division – “Warsaw”
MPG, 1994 (1978)

David Bowie – “Warszawa”
RCA, 1977

Cluster – “untitled” (15:43)
Cluster ’71
Philips, 1971
Sky re-issue, 1980

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