I’ve been publishing articles, reviews, and interviews on the web since 2006, so this is a partial list of select, representative work. I may even try to dig up those zines from high school….

[Note: The Silent Ballet has ceased publication, and for now their archive is unavailable online, however it will be migrated at some point.  For now there is always the Wayback Machine.]

Album Reviews

Literally hundred of review going back to 2006, for Decoy Music, The Silent Ballet, SSG Music, A Closer Listen, and Cult Mtl.

Concert Reviews


Pop Montreal 2010 review: Swans @ Le National

Pop Montreal 2011 in Review

A Closer Look: Montreal’s AKOUSMA Festival (2012)

A Closer Look: Mutek 2013


Liner notes to Postcards from Italy (Oak Editions label/ Fluid-Radio / AIPS Collective)

Vodacom Superstars – Akon goes to the Congo

Godspeed You! Black Emperor

Artist Spotlight: Pedro Soler & Gaspar Claus (ft. Sufjan Stevens and Bryce Dessner)

Sound Propositions, an ongoing column for A CLOSER LISTEN



con fuoco d’occhi un nostalgico lupo

Italian Sound Art in Montreal: Listening to Postcards from Italy, and a workshop on active field-recording BBAM Montreal (January 2014)


The Struggle Continues, an ongoing series for CKUT on austerity politics

Ckut interview with POLE at Mutek 2011 [English/Anglais]

Ckut “Morning After” Esther B‘s interview with with Joseph Sannicandro about Net Labels

The Silent Ballet Presents Post-Rock Paper Scissors: Episode 61

The Silent Ballet Presents PRPS: Episode 114 – A Kosmische Tribute to Conrad Schnitzler Vol. 1

The Silent Ballet Presents PRPS: Episode 118 – A Kosmische Tribute to Conrad Schnitzler Vol. 2

Jeremy deVine (Temporary Residence, LTD) Discusses Jerry Fuchs’ Life, Death, and the Aftermath for Maserati

Break Time with SSG

Portmanteau show (contributor)


Tirados (upcoming)


Samuel Galloway and Joseph Sannicandro, “The Kids are Not Alright,” Carceral Notebooks. 10. (2014): http://www.thecarceral.org/cn10/KidsNotAlrightWithAudio.pdf (with Sound Work)

“Online Education and the Automation of Academic Labour” presented as part of Labour Week, McGill University, 4-8 November 2013

Martin Tétreault’s Turntable Quartet in Akousma 9,  eContact! 14.3 Turntablism (Canadian Electroacoustic Community)

In Circulation Online Journal (editor)

In Circulation: Music

“Nothing Behind the Mask: An Arendtian Approach to Virtual Worlds and the Politics of Online Education”

“New Masks and New Stages: Arendt and Virtual Communities”
accepted for presentations at Critical Management Studies 7, hosted by Universitá Federico II, Napoli, Italia
11-13 July 2011

“A Drag in Second Life: An Arendtian Approach to Understanding Social Identity in Virtual Worlds”
accepted for presentation at Gender, Bodies, Technology, hosted by Virginia Tech’s Women’s and Gender Studies Program, Roanoke, VA,
22-24 April 2010

Moderator,  Gendered Bodies in a Material World,. Gender, Bodies, Technology, hosted by
Virginia Tech’s Women’s and Gender Studies Program, Roanoke, VA,
22-24 April 2010

“The Croton Dam and the Demographics of a County: The Public Works Projects of the 19th Century as the Catalyst for Immigration in Westchester Country, New York”

“Truth Set to Work: Overcoming Nihilism by Establishing Cultural Paradigms Through Art; How Heidegger and East Asian Aesthetics Offer a Refutation of the Post-Modern Critique of Value” 


Currently untitled piece accepted for publication early 2014, Ultimatum

OpenFile Montreal

Cult Mtl

Selected Press

con fuoco… (Fluid Radio)

con fuoco (Rockerilla n°354 ) [Italian]

CZ|SK Mix (hisVoice) [Czech]

Mini-interviews/Mixes Series

01. 36
02. Czech/Slovak experimental music
03: Enrico Coniglio
04: Say Hi to Strangers by Alex Smalley (Olan Mill / Pausal)05: Sequenza 21
06: Snowy Mix For Synesthetic Commuters  (Lost Trail)
07: Black Swan
08: Those Who Will Not Rise Must Fall, Cello Mix (the new objective)
09: Deep Magic
10: SEC_
11: Daylight Fades (LowLight Mixes)
12: SEC_ 2
13: mise_en_scene
14: ACL 2012 (the new objective)
15: Un Paese Vuol Dire (Gianmarco del Re)
16: Mario Gabola [A spirale, Aspec(t)]
17: Tacoma Tarpits (High Aura’d)
18: Alrealon Musique
19: Decisively Lingering (Le Berger)
20: Spring Mix (Richard Allen)
21: DJ Hush Hush presents ‘Parallel Intricacies’
22:Sic Sic MegaMix
23:The Floating World Mix
24:Even Closer (The Ephemeral Man)
25: Scratching the Surface (Feral Media)
26: Lcoma presents Unorganised
Ross Baker presents Mind in the Shadow Mix
Electronic Observations Summer Mix
29: Raining Light Mix (Lost Trail)
30: Music for Heat Waves in K# Major Minor (Pie Are Squared)
31: warm ribbons connecting thoughts and souls (Ruhe)
32: Sidewalk Sundowns (James Catchpole)
33: SMOKE EM IF YOU GOT EM selected by the new objective
34: Vektormusik present Alternating Polarity (vinyl mix)
35: The Volume Settings Folder I
36: M. SAGE presents Half-Speed Flourish
37: Enrico Coniglio presents ‘The Sobs of the Violins’
38: Kaukatakan tadi mulut raksasa itu selalu mengaga ? mixed by Blindhæð


Matteo Uggeri


Steve Roden

Leonardo Rosado

Francisco Lopez

Pete Swanson (Yellow Swans, Sarin Gas, Beer Damage, Seers)


Giuseppe Ielasi

Barbara De Dominicis (forthcoming)

Mark Fell (forthcoming)

John Butcher

Brian from Awesome Tapes for Africa

William Bennett (Whitehouse, Cut Hands)

Rhys Chatham

Nickie Shapira/AKONic Entertainment

Preservation Records

Black Swan

Christopher Tignor (Slow Six/Wires.Under.Tension

Tex la homa

Vladislav Delay (with Nikki Benson.)

Sparkle in Grey

Moving Mountains



Hot Water Music

Mike Park/Asian Man Records

No Motiv

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